A mobile app designed for party lovers, Carded provides different types of membership packages tailored specially for each unique individual, respecting their personal preferences. It is basically a marketplace whereby scene-goers can come and shop for their preferred clubbing privileges.


When nights where queues were too long, music was too boring, crowds were too lousy and drinks were too expensive, partying may not be as fun as it should be.  Techlyon and team wanted to create an app that revolutionized the night entertainment experiences.


Techlyon created Carded, a mobile application that allows party-goers to have on-the-go updates to the latest party happenings and events, and get access to exclusive privileges that is digitized and redeemable through the app itself.

The branding of CARDED signifies a series of digitized cards that grants you access to fun and fancy events. The launch of CARDED was held in line with the party event, Wetilicious which was also co-organized by Techlyon.

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