Singapore Animal Registry

Also known as SGAR, the Singapore Animal Registry was set up to give all pets an identity while helping pet owners to facilitate a quick recovery of their lost pets. Under the umbrella of SGAR, there are 2 products – PetTrack and PetRego.

PetRego is an online database that stores all pet’s essential information such as registration number, vaccination history, general health documents, photos, and many others.Unlike current methods, this makes sure that all this information can be accessed conveniently and retrieved speedily while being stored safely in the cloud.

PetTrack is a pet tag that doubles up as a powerful recovery tool using GPS technology. Whenever a strangers notices a lost pet, the person is able to scan the code on the pet tag using their mobile phones and instantly receive information about whom and where the pet belongs to. The owner of the pet would also receive an SMS notification about the pets whereabouts wherever a stranger scans the pet tag. 


To set up and maintain a SGAR Facebook page that can effectively create awareness of SGAR and its entrance into Singapore.


Techlyon did several social media analysis of related competitors and narrowed focus onto popular posts that generated the highest virality rates. The content generation on the SGAR Facebook page was then modelled after the nature of these posts.

Other services provided included social media strategies, Facebook branding, and content  strategy. The second phase of SGAR is about to commence with Techlyon created more materials such as Press Releases and Media Liaison.

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