An acronym for Think Your Way Out, TYWO is one of Singapore’s first immersive experiential games. It involves a team of 2-6 contestant being locked up in a room with only 1 hour to solve riddles and puzzles for a chance to find the exit solution. 


A branding overhaul was needed for TYWO in order for it to attract audiences aged 18-35. This included a logo, posters, EDMs and powerpoint slides.


Since TYWO will be launched at *SCAPE in June 2013, its main target audiences would be the youths of Singapore. Therefore, the logo and typefaces were designed with vibrant and fun elements. These elements also reflect the nature of the game – creativity, challenge and perspectives.

For example, if you were to take a closer look at the logo, you might see a cube with an open face. However, after a closer observation, you might realize that it is also an arrow pointed east, representing a forward movement.

The acronym TYWO also has the letter O slanted as though it is peeking out of the exit door. This is to play around with TYWO’s slogan, “Enter as a group, emerge as a team”.

The ‘O’ represents the team, that managed to complete the game and exit the room. The three lines signify the eureka moment of realization.

Other marketing collaterals designed by Techlyon included PowerPoint slides, posters and EDMs for several occasions.

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