Linkbook: Messaging Made Easy

Linkbook is an easy-to-use contact & a client management app, to help users get streamline communication flows with all their important clients.


Linkbook and team wanted a clean website together with a web copy that effectively demonstrated the easy-to-use and straightforward functions of the app to its target audience. They also wanted a Facebook Page setup to build their on customer relationships.


The website allowed users to read the about the functions of the app with no clickthroughs on the website at all. The user would also be able to purchase the app in the Apple App store with a single click. The general look of the website is simple and functional. It get users to where they want to be, when they want to, fast.

During the social media engagement period, Techlyon replied to customer feedback, questions alongside promoting and writing promotional Facebook posts. The approach and style of writing was all about educating and engaging customers about productivity and organization at work.

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